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The same can be said for Nana Tatebayashi's Cynthia, a sheltered housewife with her own dreams of sharing a hidden talent onstage. The special effects in her "Pop Muzik" presentation may not have perfectly paid off, but her gut-busting performance made up for any technical shortcomings. 


After a short intermission, Act II begins with a rousing chorus of “Thank God I’m a County Boy” that had the audience clapping along. We then get to meet Bob’s wife Cynthia, the outstanding Nana Tatebayashi who steals the scene singing “Pop Muzik” while sharing her talent of popping ping pong balls. As part of the Company, Tatebayashi’s talent shines even before her solo.


Theater Jones

Uptown has imported several performers, including Tatebayashi and the three leads. McIver, known as a Hollywood child actor from The Little Rascals and Full House, nails the cattiness of Adam/Felicia and brings home the emotion when needed. 

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